BMS & Control Systems

At GWEC, we specialize in providing and installing Building Management Systems (BMS) and control systems to ensure that your business space operates at peak efficiency. Our BMS solutions are designed to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical equipment within your building to optimize the performance of your systems and enhance the comfort of your environment.

What is a Building Management System?

A Building Management System (BMS) is a software-based solution designed to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical equipment within your building. 

A Building Management System works by collecting data from various sensors and devices throughout the building.

This data is then processed and analyzed to control the building's systems. The BMS provides you with a simple interface to monitor and manage systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively.

A BMS will help you enhance the overall efficiency and comfort of the building environment.

A BMS will give you greater control over: 

HVAC Systems

Easily manage your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure a comfortable environment while maximizing energy efficiency. 

Lighting Systems

A BMS allows you to adjust lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light available. This will help you save on energy costs by only using light where and when it’s needed.


Integrating surveillance and alarm systems into a BMS allows for real-time monitoring, giving you more control over the security of your building. 

How It Works


Our team handles the entire installation process and works to provide efficient service to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations. We will conduct a thorough site assessment, design a customized solution based on your needs, and install the system with precision and care.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your BMS running smoothly. Our maintenance services include routine inspections, software updates, and repairs if needed. When you partner with us, we ensure that your system remains reliable and efficient.

Get Started

Take the first step towards optimizing your building's performance with a Building Management System. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how GWEC can elevate your facility's efficiency and security.