Low Voltage Systems

​​GWEC provides essential industrial low voltage systems for powering various electrical components within industrial settings. 

What are Industrial Low Voltage Systems?

Industrial Low Voltage Systems play a pivotal role in powering various electrical components within industrial settings. These systems operate at voltages lower than 1000V, providing a safe and reliable solution for the diverse electrical needs of industrial facilities and equipment. 

What Are Industrial Low Voltage Systems Used For?

Power Distribution Systems

Our power distribution systems efficiently deliver power to various industrial machinery and equipment. We take a custom approach to every project to ensure optimal load balancing and minimal energy loss. Our scalable solutions can adapt to the changing needs of your facility.

Emergency Power Systems

We offer reliable low voltage backup power solutions to ensure that your emergency systems continue to operate smoothly. Our auto-transfer switches allow for transition during power outages, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

Lighting and Receptacle Systems

Our low voltage lighting solutions are specifically designed for industrial spaces. We also provide receptacle systems suitable for low voltage equipment and devices. By opting for our energy-efficient lighting options, you can significantly reduce your operational costs.

Why Choose GWEC for Your Industrial Low Voltage Solutions?

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in industrial low voltage systems. We work closely with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our main goal is to provide you with reliable and durable solutions.

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