Full & Partial Rewiring

If your property has wiring that is over 25 years old or damage has occurred, it likely needs an electrical wiring replacement. If you are experiencing electrical issues within your home, our electricians will be able to accurately diagnose and resolve the issue for you. 

What Does Rewiring a Home Involve?

A partial rewire involves replacing or upgrading a small section or circuit, sometimes even just a part of a circuit. This is typically necessary when damage or wear and tear leads to electrical issues and safety concerns.

A full domestic rewire involves replacing all the existing circuits in your property. This could include the entire socket or lighting electrical system. Often, electrical issues are the first sign that a full rewiring is necessary.

Does Your Home Need Rewiring?

If you're unsure whether your property requires a full or partial rewire, we recommend having an Electrical Condition Inspection Report conducted by a professional and qualified electrician, like our team at Powerhouse Electrical.

Home renovations and improvements that may require a full or partial rewire include:

  • New lighting circuits
  • New cooking circuits
  • New shower circuits
  • New outdoor circuits
  • New ring circuits
  • Cable repairs or replacement

Common electrical problems that may indicate the need for a rewire include:

  • Scorched and burning sockets
  • Flickering and dimming lights
  • Electric shocks

Choose GWEC

Looking for an Electrical Contractor for full or partial rewiring, look no further. Our team of professional, fully trained, and qualified. Our electricians can carry out an electrical rewire to ensure that your property meets current electrical safety standards. Contact us today to book or learn more.